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Monitoring and Visualization Solution

The NetCrunch monitoring solution by AdRem allows organizations to monitor and visualize networks, applications and devices in their environment. NetCrunch is designed to monitor thousands of components using management rules that can be applied to 100’s of nodes within minutes. The NetCrunch monitoring solution is downloaded as a software product and is installed on a VM in either the cloud or on site data center. The NetCrunch solutions key feature sets include network infrastructure monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, alerting and event management. Metrics can be displayed in live dashboards providing both executive and technical health and performance summaries.

Vendor: AdRem – View Website

Tool Name: NetCrunch – View Product Page

Product Whitepaper: View NetCrunch Datasheet

Latest Version: NetCrunch 9.2, released on July 8, 2016.

Case Studies: View Customer Case Studies

Demo: 30 day trial demo available through AdRem – Sign Up for Trial

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No recognized NetCrunch public support forums are currently available. Support questions can be submitted via the Customer Portal.

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