Barefoot Networks Launches Deep Insight Network Monitoring

Barefoot Networks Launches “Deep Insight”, Enabling Network Owners to See What Every Packet Is Doing. To the Nanosecond.

Deep Insight monitors every packet, at line-rate, without generating extra network traffic. Uses big data analytics to detect failures in real-time.

Barefoot Networks today announced Barefoot Deep Insight, the world’s first network monitoring system to provide full visibility into every packet in a network. Barefoot Deep Insight software, running on commodity servers, interprets, analyzes and pinpoints a myriad of conditions that can impede packet flow, and does so in real time and at line-rate. An intelligent and programmable triggering mechanism allows only the interesting network events to be detected and reported in real time. Irrelevant data is automatically filtered out. Machine learning can be employed to achieve stateful baselining of the network performance and automatic detection of anomalies at any time scale and with nanosecond resolution.

Barefoot Deep Insight will help organizations answer the following questions

  1. How did it get here? The sequence of devices the packet visited along its path.
  2. Why is it here? The set of rules it matched upon at every device along the way.
  3. How long was it delayed? The time it spent buffered in every switch, to the nanosecond.
  4. Why was it delayed? The packets, flows and applications that the packet shared each queue with.

Main Feature Set

  • Analyzes every packet from every switch and router in the network, in-band at line-rate.
  • Running on commodity servers, interprets, analyzes and pinpoints the myriad of conditions that impede packet flow, in real time.
  • Baselines and tracks Path and Latency for every packet in your Network.
  • Enables an intelligent and flexible triggering mechanism to detect and report events in real time, with nanosecond accuracy.
  • Tracks and monitors every packet drop, providing answers to when, why, where and to whom it happened
  • Employs machine learning to automatically baseline the network performance and detect anomalies.

For more information, contact Barefoot at or visit Barefoot Deep Insight Product Page or attend the upcoming Barefoot Deep Insight Webinar

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