How Datadog Is Rewriting The Narrative Of Cloud Monitoring

Though infrastructure monitoring may not be the world’s sexiest industry, Datadog has found a way to rewrite the narrative. Literally. As a leader in the business, Datadog has gained the attention of major media publications such as Forbes and Fortune and continues to have a thriving consumer base.

Datadog’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, K Young is the man responsible for much of the company’s success. Sitting down with TechDay, Young explained the tactics Datadog has taken to foster growth and what early stage founders can do to continue to move forward in becoming a household name.

As you said, Datadog is an inherently technical product. The people that use Datadog are technical– so we don’t shy away from that fact. We do deep research on the topics that are new and evolving and ensure what we’re talking about is always direct and authoritative and, we hope, interesting to all of our users. We produce content you can’t get anywhere else because we put a lot of effort and energy into researching and writing it.

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