Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring within the Information Technology industry is the practice of monitoring the health and performance of both physical and virtual infrastructure that business services are built on. Infrastructure can include components such as servers, network devices, storage devices and databases. The term infrastructure monitoring is often used loosely with the common understanding that each product or tool has different feature sets and may not monitor every component that could be included in the category.

There are dozens of monitoring tools that fall under the infrastructure monitoring category each with both overlapping and unique feature sets. Organizations must complete a discovery process and weigh out the value and costs of each tool in order to select the best tool(s) to monitor their IT infrastructure.

The increased popularity of cloud computing has brought new challenges and also advances to the idea of infrastructure monitoring. The same concepts all exist as traditional on premise infrastructure monitoring but now all the components become virtual and “in the cloud” and additional cloud specific metrics to consider. Many vendors are now offering cloud infrastructure monitoring tools that are built in the cloud and offered as a SaaS or PaaS platform. A few examples of these are Microsoft OMS,  Datadog and AWS CloudWatch.