IBM Cloud APM for DevOps (Beta)

APM for DevOps is a beta enterprise monitoring tool for monitoring the performance and availability of containerized microservices that are deployed on IBM Cloud Private. Use APM for DevOps to ensure optimal performance of your business applications and to make the most efficient use of Kubernetes-managed infrastructure resources.

With APM for DevOps, you can correlate the performance of your microservices, their dependencies, and the underlying core infrastructure over time to identify the root cause of issues. As you roll out continuous updates, monitor the health of your service through availability metrics, user satisfaction scores, and throughput data. If issues arise, drill down into container-level metrics to understand if resources are impacting performance. When you use Microservice Builder to create your Java-based microservice, the APM for DevOps Liberty data collector is automatically instrumented in the service so you can start monitoring quickly.

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