Monitoring Weekly – March 20-26, 2017

Here are this weeks top stories in the world of monitoring.

Giblab 9.0 Released with Built in Monitoring

With GitLab 9.0 comes the introduction of the first monitoring system that is fully integrated with your CI/CD pipelines and source code repository. Leveraging Prometheus, GitLab will now bring the same technology used for production systems to development environments like staging and even review apps.

In this initial release they are tracking the CPU and Memory utilization of your app running on each Kubernetes based environment, and this is only the beginning. In the near feature you will be able to gauge the performance impact of a merge, support a much broader range of application metrics, and fuse monitoring data with Deploy Boards.

Solarwinds Introduces End-to-End Hybrid IT Performance Management

SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today revealed its latest capabilities for end-to-end hybrid IT management through key updates to its modular and scalable SolarWinds Orion platform and related products. With these updates, SolarWinds enables complete cloud visibility along with deep on-premises monitoring and a new, dynamic drag-and-drop dashboard (PerfStack) to visualize infrastructure and application relationships. These new features help IT professionals monitor, troubleshoot, and improve hybrid IT performance with a simplicity like never before.

Blue Medora Partners with Cloud Solutions Provider Xtravirt

Blue Medora, a leading innovator in ITOA for enterprise cloud, database and infrastructure management, today announced its partnership with cloud and virtualization solutions provider, Xtravirt. The move comes as Blue Medora looks to expand its footprint in EMEA with its SaaS database monitoring platform, SelectStar.

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