SysKit News – Custom Server Monitoring Templates for Server Roles

The newest SysKit version, the 2016 R2 – 8.0, is equipped with customizable server monitoring templates.And that’s awesome, because it means that SysKit allows you to create consistent monitoring templates that can be applied across the whole server environment.

This, of course, applies to all technologies that SysKit supports.

In a single console, you have a few predefined SysKit server monitoring templates that can be used for the most common server roles (SQL, IIS, SharePoint). However, to be most successful in monitoring server performance metrics and configuration, create your own templates.

The predefined server monitoring templates that are currently include the:

  • Default template containing various counters that have been collected for all users,
  • IIS template for monitoring IIS servers,
  • SharePoint template for monitoring SharePoint farm performance, and
  • SQL template for monitoring SQL Servers and preventing bottlenecks and performance issues.

For instance, the SQL Server performance depends on the SQL Server transaction and queue values, and it is important to monitor them so the values don’t reach a critical level. In case you do indeed detect high values for these counters, you may want to inspect what’s going on with the databases and queries.

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