Testing Website Availability with IBM Website Monitoring

IBM® Website Monitoring is a comprehensive solution for website probing and alerting. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering consists of:

  • A third-party Mozilla Firefox add-on: Selenium for scripting
  • Application Performance Management to store and run the probes
  • IBM Alert Notification (SaaS) to serve as an alerting system

This series explains how to use IBM Website Monitoring from start to finish, including scripting, setting up alerts, and tips and tricks for configuration. In this part, you learn how to use Selenium to create a script to probe your own website. The Selenium tool helps to automate web applications for testing purposes.

Part 1 – Create a basic Selenium script

The Selenium integrated development environment (IDE) has a record/playback tool so that you can author tests without needing to know a test scripting language. These instructions are for basic Selenium scripting, which makes up about 90% of the probes. In this tutorial, you create a script that:

  • Opens Google
  • Searches Google for Selenium IDE
  • Clicks the Selenium home page link from the search results page

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